Landscape Architect Tomi Kobara specializes in the design and planning of residential and community garden projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Based in Oakland, Tomi has been a licensed Landscape Architect in California since 1994. She has designed a wide range of projects from intimate pocket gardens to complex large-scale properties to community and public spaces. Her passion for environmental issues and well-being has led to the creation of edible gardens, food forest projects and community garden spaces for refugees living in Oakland.

Each garden environment she designs is unique to its particular setting and is created to be enjoyed for its function and for its beauty. She works closely with each client and their individual needs while conscientiously addressing the site's existing conditions, context and natural systems. Tomi pays special attention to the living relationship between the indoor and outdoor spaces that allows for a seamless integration with the home/built environment. Her design work also reflects a life-long interest in the visual arts, horticulture, ecology and sustainability.

Tomi has an on-going relationship with a talented landscape contractor that she is always happy to team-up with. They have enjoyed collaborating for more than 10 years on a wide range of projects. Together they bring the broad experience, passion and the expertise needed for the implementation of inviting and diverse garden environments.